micro-USB Charge & Sync Cables

Charge and sync your cell phone or tablet computer with ease using the micro-USB charge and sync cables carried by Cellphoneshop.net. They plug into your mobile device and a computer directly, building a reliable connection to keep all your information and files in sync while juicing up your device. Light and portable, they are absolutely handy for use while traveling. Our micro-USB cables work great with numerous phone and tablet models. Whether you are looking for a retractable cable, a normal one, or an extra-long one, we have it available at really great price. Come here now! Find what you need from our online store to save big!
Retractable micro-USB Charge And Data Sync Cable
Micro-USB Flashing Charge & Sync Cable
Universal micro-USB Charging & Sync Flat Cable - 10ft
Universal micro-USB Charging & Sync Flat Cable
Compact 3-in-1 USB Charge & Sync Cable
3-in-1 Retractable USB Cable
3-in-1 USB Cable (micro-USB, Apple Lightning Connector, Dock Connector)

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