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Sanyo Zio
Sanyo Taho
Sanyo Incognito / SCP-6760
Sanyo Innuendo (SCP-6780)
Sanyo Vero, SCP-3820
Sanyo S1
Sanyo Katana Eclipse / SCP-6750
Sanyo Katana / SCP-6600
Sanyo Katana DLX
Sanyo Katana II / SCP-6650
Sanyo MM-5600
Sanyo MM-7400
Sanyo MM-7500
Sanyo MM-8300
Sanyo MM-9000
Sanyo Pro-200
Sanyo Pro-700
Sanyo VI-2300
Sanyo SCP-200
Sanyo SCP-2400
Sanyo SCP-2700 / Juno
Sanyo SCP-3100
Sanyo SCP-3200
Sanyo SCP-3810 / Mirro
Sanyo SCP-4500
Sanyo SCP-4900
Sanyo RL 4920
Sanyo RL-4930
Sanyo SCP-5000
Sanyo SCP-5150
Sanyo SCP-5300
Sanyo SCP-5400 / RL2500
Sanyo SCP-5500 / VM4500
Sanyo SCP-6000
Sanyo SCP-6200
Sanyo SCP-6400
Sanyo SCP-7000
Sanyo SCP-7050
Sanyo SCP-7200 / RL2000
Sanyo SCP-7300 / RL7300
Sanyo SCP-8100
Sanyo SCP-8200
Sanyo VI-2300

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