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Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active
Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III)
Samsung SGH-i537, Galaxy S4 Active
Samsung GT-i9200, Galaxy Mega 6.3
Samsung SGH-a107
Samsung SGH-a117, a117
Samsung SGH-a127, a127
Samsung SGH-a137, a137
Samsung SGH-a167, a167
Samsung SGH-a177, a177
Samsung SGH-a187, a187
Samsung SGH-a197, a197
Samsung SGH-a227, a227
Samsung SGH-a237, a237
Samsung SGH-a437, a437
Samsung SGH-a517, a517
Samsung SGH-a597, Eternity II
Samsung SGH-a637, a637
Samsung SGH-a657, a657
Samsung SGH-a667, Evergreen
Samsung SGH-a687, Strive
Samsung SGH-a697, Sunburst
Samsung SGH-a717, a717
Samsung SGH-a727, a727
Samsung SGH-a737, a737
Samsung SGH-a747, SLM a747
Samsung SGH-a767, Propel
Samsung SGH-a777,  a777
Samsung SGH-a797, Flight
Samsung SGH-a817, Solstice II
Samsung SGH-a827, Access a827
Samsung SGH-a837, Rugby a837
Samsung SGH-a847, Rugby II
Samsung SGH-a867, Eternity
Samsung SGH-a877, Impression
Samsung SGH-a927, Flight II
Samsung SGH-a997, Rugby III
Samsung SGH-c416, c416
Samsung SGH-e316, e316
Samsung SGH-i437, Galaxy Express
Samsung SGH-i547, Galaxy Rugby Pro
Samsung BlackJack / i607
Samsung BlackJack II / SGH-i617
Samsung SGH-i627, Propel Pro
Samsung SGH-i637, Jack
Samsung SGH-i717 / Galaxy Note (AT&T)
Samsung SGH-i777 / Galaxy S II (AT&T)
Samsung SGH-i847, Rugby Smart
Samsung SGH-i897 Captivate
Samsung SGH-i907, Epix
Samsung SGH-i917, Focus
Samsung SGH-i997, Infuse 4G
Samsung SGH-v205, v206
Samsung SGH-x426, x426

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