Pix' n Tunes Kit For Cell Phones

Pix' n Tunes Kit For Cell Phones
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Pix' n Tunes Kit works with cell phones from popular brands such as LG, Motorola, Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC, Sanyo, Kyocera and Audiovox. It lets you transfer data, customize incoming calls, upload/download ringtones, wallpapers and pictures, and do a lot more.

Features :

    Pix 'n Tunes Ringtone Composer
    • Upload ringtones from your PC to your cell phone FREE via data cable.
    • Trim, clip and rip your favorite songs stored on your PC in various formats including MIDI, MP3 and WAV (CD) to create one-of-a kind ringtones.
    • Personalize your incoming calls with your favorite sounds using your cell phone settings.
    • Back up your downloadable ringtones onto your PC for easy retrieval, or to quickly upload them to a new handset.
    • Compose your own music and conveniently add and edit tracks.
    • Play ringtones on your PC.

    Pix 'n Tunes Image Editor

    • Download pictures from your camera phone to PC.
    • Transfer images from your cell phone to your PC and set them as a wallpapers.
    • Use the powerful editing tools to customize picture before uploading to your cell phone.
    • Assign images to your contacts in your cell phone address book using your handset settings.
    • Save your downloaded images onto your PC for easy retrieval and e-mail them to friends and family.
System Requirements :
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  • 32MB minimum RAM
  • Pentium 100 MHz or higher CPU
  • 60MB of available disk space
  • 800x600 or higher resolution, 8-bit/256 colors or higher
  • USB port
  • CD-ROM drive

Package Includes :

  • One Pix 'n Tunes Software CD
  • 7 Phone Connectors
  • User Guide

Compatible with the following cell phone models :

    Audiovox : 8910(Bell Mobility), 8940(Verizon), 9100(Alltel), CDM-180, CDM-8410, CDM-8600, CDM-8900, CDM-8910, CDM-8910m, CDM-8912 (PM8912), CDM-8920 (PM8920), CDM-8920T, CDM-8945.

    Casio : G'zOne Type-V

    HP iPAQ : Glisten

    HTC : Fuze, HTC G1 / T-Mobile G1(Google Phone), PPC6800, Touch (Alltel / Sprint), Touch Cruise, Touch Diamond (Sprint / Verizon), Touch Pro (Alltel / Sprint / Verizon), XV6800, XV6900

    Kyocera : E2000, Laylo M1400, Mero S1300, Mako S4000

    LG : 125 (Telus), 150 (Bell), 200 (Telus), 210 (Telus), 240 (Rogers), 490 (Telus), 500 (Rogers), 535 (Telus), 5400 (Bell), 5450 (Alltel), 5450 (Telus), 6070 (Telus), 6190 (Telus), 6200 (Bell), 8100 (Telus), 9200 (Fido), AX140, AX145, AX155, AX245, AX265, AX275, AX300, AX355, AX380, AX390, AX490, AX500, AX565, AX585, AX830, AX4750, AX5000, AX8600, C1300, C1300i, C1500, CE500, CG225, Chocolate, Incite CT810, CU400, CU405, CU500, CU500v, CU515, CU575 / Trax, CU720 (Shine), F9100, G4010, G4011, G4015, G4020, G4050, GW820 (eXpo), KE970 (Shine), LX260 / Rumor, LX265 / Rumor2, LX350, LX550 / Fusic, LX5550, LX570 / Muziq, LX600 (Lotus), LX610 (Lotus Elite), MM-535 / LX-535, PM-225 / LX225, PM-325, TG800, UX210, UX245, UX355, UX390, UX565, VX8550 (Chocolate II), 8560 (Chocolate III), VX10000 (Voyager), VX3200, VX3300, VX4500, VX4600, VX4650, VX4700, VX5200, VX5300, VX5400, VX5500, VX6000, VX6100, VX7000, VX8000, VX8100, VX8350, VX8600, VX8610 / Decoy, VX8700, VX8800, VX9400, VX9800, VX9900

    Motorola : C650, Crush (W835), Hint QA30, Krave ZN4, KRZR K1, KRZR K1m, L2, L6, PEBL, Q, Quantico (W845), Rapture VU30, RAZR maxx Ve, RAZR V3, RAZR V3a, RAZR V3c, RAZR V3i, RAZR V3m, Razr V3r, Razr V3t, Razr V3xx, RAZR VE20, RAZR2 V8, RAZR2 V9, RAZR2 V9m, RAZR2 V9x, RIZR Z3, RIZR Z6tv, ROKR E8, ROKR Z6m, SLVR L7, SLVR L7c, V180, V188, V190, V195, V220, V235, V323i, V360, V361, V365, VE240, VE465, VU204, W315, W385, W490, W755, Z6c, Z6m, Z9, ZINE ZN5

    Motorola / Nextel : ic402(The Blend), ic502(The Buzz), ic602(The Buzz), ic902(The Deluxe)

    Nokia : 2855i, 3586i, 5300, 5310 (Xpress Music), 6215i, 6275i, 6555c, 6682, E62, N95

    RIM (BlackBerry) : 7100g, 7130e, 7250, 8100(Pearl), 8110(Pearl), 8120(Pearl), 8130(Pearl), 8220 (Pearl), 8300(Curve), 8310(Curve), 8320(Curve), 8330(Curve), 8700c, 8700g, 8703e, 8800, 8820, 8830, 9000(Bold), 9530 (Storm)

    Samsung : A227, A237, A437, A517, A523, A530, A580, A610, A620 (VGA1000), A640, A645, A650, A670, A680 (VM-A680), A707, A717, A727, A737, A740 (PM-A740), A747, A767 (propel), A777, A800 (MM-A800), A827 (Access), A837 (Rugby), A840 (PM-A840), A850, A867 (Eternity), A870, A877 (Impression), A880 (MM-880), A900, A920, A930, A940, A950, A970, A990, D347, D357, D407, D606, D807, i627 Propel Pro, i770 Saga, i907 (Epix), Omnia i910, M300, M320, M510, Rant M540, M630 (Highnote), M800 (Instinct), M810 (Instinct s30), R100 (Stunt), R210 Spex, R300, R400, R410, R430, Messager R450, R500, R510, R600, R610, R800, Finesse R810, T219, T329 Stripe, T409, T429, T439, T459 Gravity, T509, T519 (Trace), T539 (Beat), T609, T619, T629, T639, T719, T729, T739, T809, T819, T919 Behold, T929 Memoir, U340, U410, U430, Cleo U440, U470, U510, U520, U540, U550, U650 (Sway), U700 (Gleam), U706 Muse, U740(Alias), Renown U810, U900 (FlipShot), U940, X507

    Sanyo : Incognito (SCP-6760), M1, SCP-2300 (VI-2300), SCP-3200, SCP-3800 / Katana LX, SCP-4920 / RL-4920, SCP-4930 / RL-4930, SCP-5400 / RL2500, SCP-5500 / VM4500, SCP-5600 / MM-5600, SCP-6600 / Katana, SCP-6650 / Katana II, SCP-7200 / RL2000, SCP-7300 / RL7300, SCP-7400 / MM-7400, SCP-7500 / MM-7500, SCP-8100, SCP-8200 / PM-8200, SCP-8300 / MM-8300, SCP-8400, SCP-8500 / Katana DLX, SCP-9000 / MM-9000

    UTStarcom : CDM-7075

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Pix' n Tunes Kit For Cell Phones

By greg from Glenwood, In on November 22, 2012
Will this kit REALLY let me upload pics from my old phone to my computer?
By Customer Service on November 23, 2012

Yes, you can transfer pictures from your phone to the computer by using this kit.