LG Connect 4G (MS840) Cases

Look no further for low-priced yet beautifully made carrying cases for your LG Connect 4G (MS840) because everything you want can be found right here at Cellphoneshop.net! We have an array of cases in various sleek designs, such as outdoor style carrying cases, leather carrying cases and sandwich carrying cases, for you to choose from. With these cases, your smartphone will no longer be vulnerable to dirt, scratches or scuff marks anymore. Some of them also have a belt clip on the back, which lets you attach the case to your belt or bag strap for extra carrying convenience. They are the perfect accessories for dressing up and protecting your LG Connect 4G. Grab some from our enormous collection today!
Leather Carrying Pouch Case For LG Connect 4G / MS840
Sandwich Carrying Case For LG Connect 4G / MS840
Outdoor Style Carrying Case For LG Connect 4G / MS840

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