USB Adapter For micro-USB Devices

USB Adapter For micro-USB Devices
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  • Connects your cell phone with your PC or laptop via USB port.
  • Builds a bridge between your computer and your phone, which allows you to backup your phonebook, store pictures, and download music, ringtones and games quickly and easily.
  • Provides high-speed data transfer rates.
  • Software is not included.

Compatible with the following cell phone and smartphone models :

  • Alcatel : Alcatel 510A, Alcatel 768, Alcatel 871A, One Touch Evolve, One Touch Fierce, One Touch Premiere, One Touch Shockwave, One Touch Ultra 960c, Alcatel Sparq, Alcatel Venture

  • Amazon : Fire Phone, Kindle 2, Kindle 3, Kindle 4, Kindle DX, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7", Kindle Fire HD 7" (2013), Kindle Touch

  • ASUS : PadFone X

  • AT&T : Avail, Avail 2, Fusion, U2800A, Z221, Z331, Z431, Z998

  • Blackberry : Q10, Z10, Z30, Pearl Flip 8220, Pearl Flip 8230, Curve 8520, Curve 8530, Curve 8900, Pearl 3G / 9100, Curve 3G / 9300 / 9330, Curve 3G 9310, Curve 9315, Curve 3G 9320, Curve 9350, Curve 9360, Curve 9370, Storm 9500, Storm 9530, Storm2 9550, Tour 9630, Bold 9650, Style 9670, Bold 9700, Bold 9780, Torch 9800, Torch 9810, Torch 9850, Torch 9860, Bold 9900 4G, Bold 9930, PlayBook

  • Barnes & Noble : Nook

  • Casio : G'zOne Ravine (C751), G'zOne Commando (C771), G'zOne Ravine 2 (C781), G’zOne Commando 4G LTE (Casio C811)

  • Cricket : TXTM8 3G (ZTE A410)

  • Dell : Venue Pro

  • Google : Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10

  • HP : iPAQ Glisten

  • HTC : Amaze 4G, Aria, Arrive, Desire, Desire 610, Desire 816, DROID DNA, DROID Incredible, DROID Incredible 2, DROID Incredible 4G LTE, EVO V, EVO 3D, EVO 4G, EVO 4G LTE, EVO Shift 4G, First, Freestyle, HD2, HD7, HD7S, Hero S, Inspire 4G, Merge, One, One M8, One max, One mini, One Remix, One S, One SV, One V, One VX, One X, Radar 4G, Rezound, Rhyme, Sensation 4G, Status (ChaCha), Surround, Thunderbolt, Titan, Titan II, Trophy, Vivid, Wildfire (CDMA, GSM), Wildfire S, Windows Phone 8S, Windows Phone 8X, 8XT

  • Huawei : Verge (M570), Pillar (M615),Pinnacle (M635), Pinnacle 2 (M636), Pinnacle 2 (M636), Express M650 (Sprint Express), Ascend Q (M660), Ascend Y, M735, M835, Ascend (M860), Ascend II (M865), Mercury (M886), Activa 4G (M920), U8652, Impulse 4G (U8800), Prism, Summit, Valiant, Vitria, W1

  • Kyocera : Brio, Milano (C5120), Event (C5133), Rise (C5155), Hydro (C5170), Hydro Plus (C5171), Hydro Edge (C5215), Hydro LIFE (C6530N), Hydro Elite (C6750), Hydro XTRM (C6721), Hydro Vibe (C6725), Hydro ICON (C6730), Neo E1100, Tempo E2000, Rio (E3100), DuraCore (E4210), DuraMax (E4255), DuraPlus, DuraPro, DuraXT, Torque (E6710), Brigadier (E6782), Laylo M1400, X-tc M2000, Zio M6000, Echo M9300, Melo (S1300), Domino (S1310), Presto (S1350), Luno (S2100), Kona (S2150), Loft (S2300), Torino (S2300), Verve / Contact (S3150), Mako (S4000)

  • LG : Aspire, True (B460), G Flex (D950), G Vista (VS880), G2 :- AT&T (D800) / T-Mobile (D801) / Sprint (LS980) / Verizon (VS980), G3, G3 Vigor (AT&T, Sprint), Optimus C, Optimus G, Optimus G Pro, Optimus M, Optimus M+ (MS695), Optimus Q, Optimus S, Optimus T, Optimus U, Optimus V, Optimus L9, Optimus L70 (MS323), Optimus L90 (D415), Optimus Extreme (L40G), Optimus Net (L45C), Optimus Black (P970), Optimus 2 (AS680), Phoenix, Thrill 4G (P925), Thrive, 100C, 101, VM-101, 102, 231c, 235c, 420g, 500g, 800g, 840g, 900g, A340, AX155, Helix AX300, AX310, Swift AX500, Rhythm AX585 / UX585, Glimmer AX830, Banter, AX840 UX840 Tritan, Xpression (C395), DoublePlay (C729), Quantum C900, CF360, Incite CT810, dLite GD570, Shine II GD710, Xenon GR500, Vu Plus GR700, GS170, Prime GS390, Sentio GS505, Arena GT950, Encore GT550, GU295, Neon II GW370, eXpo GW820, Venice (LG730), Optimus F7 (LG870 / US780), LX290, LX370, LX400, Lotus LX600, Lotus Elite LX610, Rumor2 LX265, Remarq LN240, Rumor Reflex (LN272), Rumor Touch LN510, Realm (LS620), Optimus Elite (LS696), Optimus Slider (LS700), Optimus F3 (LS720), Volt (LS740), Viper 4G LTE (LS840), Marquee (LS855), Mach (LS860), Optimus Regard (LW770), Select MN180, Imprint MN240, Beacon (MN270), Connect 4G (MS840), Spirit 4G (MS870), Esteem (MS910), Lyric MT375, Escape (P870), Nitro HD (P930), Envoy (UN150), Envoy II (UN160), Saber (UN200), Attune (UN270), Freedom (UN272), Freedom II (UN280), Wine II (UN430), Wine III (UN530), Splendor (US730), Genesis (US760), UX220, UX265, Wine UX280, UX300, UX310, Bliss UX700, Genesis (US760), Revere (VN150), Revere 2 (VN150S), Cosmos (VN250), Cosmos 2 (VN251), Cosmos 3 (VN251S), Cosmos Touch (VN270), Extravert (VN271), Extravert 2 (VN280), Octane (VN530), Optimus Exceed 2 (VS450PP), Vortex (VS660), Enlighten (VS700), Ally (VS740), Fathom (VS750), Lucid (VS840), Lucid 2 (VS870), Lucid 3 (VS876), Enact (VS890), Revolution (VS910), Spectrum (VS920), Spectrum 2 (VS930), Intuition (VS950), VX5500, Accolade VX5600, Glance VX7100, VX8360, Clout VX8370, Chocolate 3 VX8560, Chocolate Touch VX8575, Decoy VX8610, enV Touch VX11000, enV2 VX9100, enV3 VX9200, Versa VX9600, Dare VX9700

  • Microsoft : KIN ONE, KIN ONEm, KIN TWO, KIN TWOm

  • Motorola : Moto E, Moto G, Moto X, Admiral, ATRIX 2, ATRIX 4G, ATRIX HD, BACKFLIP, Bravo, CHARM, Citrus, CLIQ, CLIQ 2, CLIQ XT, Crush, DEFY (MB525), DEVOUR, DROID, DROID 2, DROID 3, DROID 4, DROID Maxx, DROID Mini, DROID Pro, DROID RAZR (XT912), DROID RAZR HD, DROID RAZR M, DROID RAZR MAXX, DROID RAZR MAXX HD, DROID Ultra, DROID X, DROID X2, Electrify, Electrify 2, Electrify M, ES400S, Flipout, Flipside, Rival A455, i1, i9 Stature, i296, i410, i412, i420, Karma QA1, Evoke QA4, Hint QA30, Photon 4G, Q9h, RAZR VE20, RAZR2 V8, RAZR2 V9, RAZR2 V9m, RAZR2 V9x, Titanium i1x, Triumph, V750 Adventure, V860 Barrage, V950 Renegade, VE440, Rapture VU30, ROKR E8, W408g, Entice W766, Quantico W845, Grasp WX404, Theory (WX430), XPRT, Z6c, Z9, Krave ZN4, ZINE ZN5

  • Motorola (Sprint-Nextel) : Clutch i465, Clutch i475, i576, Brute i680, Brute i686, i776, Debut i856, i867, i886, i890

  • NEC : Terrain

  • Nokia : Astound, 1006, 1606, 2605 Mirage, 2705 Shade, 3606, 6205, 6350, Mural 6750, 7205 Intrigue, Twist (7705), 8600 Luna, E73 Mode, N85, Lumia 521, Lumia 635, Lumia 710, Lumia 810, Lumia 820, Lumia 822, Lumia 900, Lumia 920, Lumia 925, Lumia 928, Lumia 1020, Lumia 1320, Lumia 1520, Lumia 2520, Lumia Icon

  • Palm : Treo 800w, Treo Pro

  • Pantech : Breakout (ADR8995), Hotshot (CDM8992), Crux (CDM8999), Ease (P2020), Breeze III (P2030), Breeze IV (P2050), Link II (P5000), Pursuit II (P6010), Swift (P6020), Renue (P6030), Vybe (P6070), Crossover (P8000), Flex (P8010), Laser (P9050), Pocket (P9060), Burst (P9070), Discover (P9090), Caper (TXT8035), Jest (TXT8040), Jest 2 (TXT8045), Marauder (ADR910L), Perception (ADR930L), Verse

  • Samsung : Galaxy Alpha (SM-G850), Galaxy Avant (SM-G386), ATIV S, ATIV S Neo (SPH-i800), Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S3 (S III), Galaxy S III mini, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy S4 Active (i9295), Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Active, Fascinate, Galaxy Note, a187 (SGH-a187), a197 (SGH-a197), Denim (SGH-a207), Eternity II (SGH-a597), Evergreen (SGH-a667), Strive (SGH-a687), Flight (SGH-a797), Solstice II (SGH-a817), Galaxy Appeal (SGH-i827), Rugby II (SGH-a847), Mythic (SGH-a897), FlightII (SGH-a927), Rugby III (SGH-a997), Epic 4G (SPH-d700), Epic 4G Touch (SPH-d710), Nexus S 4G (SPH-d720), Gem (SCH-i100), illusion (SCH-i110), Code SCH-i220, Exec SCH-i225, Intrepid SPH-i350, Continuum (SCH-i400), Stratosphere (SCH-i405), Stratosphere II (SCH-i415), Galaxy Express (SGH-i437), DROID Charge (SCH-i510), Galaxy Nexus (SCH-i515), Galaxy Exhilarate (SGH-i577), Focus 2 (SGH-i667), Focus Flash (SGH-i677), Galaxy Note (SGH-i717), Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S II Skyrocket (SGH-i727), Galaxy S II (SGH-i777), Galaxy Appeal (SGH-i827), Rugby Smart (SGH-i847), DoubleTime (SGH-i857), Captivate (SGH-i897), Focus (SGH-i917), Omnia II (SCH-i920), Captivate Glide (SGH-i927), ATIV Odyssey (SCH-i930), Focus S (SGH-i937), Infuse 4G (SGH-i997), Galaxy S (GT-i9000), Galaxy S II (i9100), Nexus S (GT-i9020), Galaxy Victory 4G LTE (SPH-L300), M220, M240, Factor (SPH-m260), Entro (SPH-m270), M320, M330, Seek (SPH-m350), M360, m370 (SPH-m370), Trender (SPH-m380), Array (SPH-m390), m400 (SPH-m400), Rant M540, Exclaim (SPH-m550), Reclaim (SPH-m560), Restore (SPH-m570), Replenish (SPH-m580), Highnote M630, Galaxy Prevail (SPH-m820), Galaxy Precedent (SCH-m828c), Galaxy Rush (SPH-m830), Galaxy Prevail 2 (SPH-m840), Galaxy Ring (SPH-m840), Instinct HD (SPH-m850), Moment (SPH-m900), Intercept (SPH-m910), Transform (SPH-m920), Transform Ultra (SPH-m930), Galaxy Reverb (SPH-m950), Stunt (SCH-r100), Contour (SCH-r250), Chrono (SCH-r260 / SCH-r261), Stride (SCH-r330), Freeform (SCH-r350, r351), Freeform II (SCH-r360), Freeform III (SCH-r380), Freeform 4 (SCH-r390), r455c (SCH-r455c), MyShot II (SCH-r460), TwoStep R470, Comment 3 / Freeform 5 (SCH-r480), Messager II (SCH-r560), Messager III (SCH-r570), Messager Touch (SCH-r630), Character (SCH-r640), Repp (SCH-r680), Suede (SCH-r710), Admire (SCH-r720), Transfix (SCH-r730), Galaxy S II (US Cellular) / SCH-r760, Galaxy Admire 4G (SCH-r820), Galaxy Axiom (SCH-r830), Caliber (SCH-r850), Acclaim (SCH-r880), Craft (SCH-r900), Galaxy Indulge (SCH-r910, SCH-r915), Galaxy Attain 4G (SCH-r920), Galaxy S Aviator (SCH-r930), Galaxy S Lightray 4G (SCH-r940), s390G (SGH-s390G), Galaxy Proclaim (SCH-s720c), Galaxy Discover (SGH-s730g), Galaxy Centura (SCH-S738C), t159 (SGH-t159), Freeform M (SGH-t189N), t249, t259, Gravity Q (SGH-t289), Smiley (SGH-t359), t369, Gravity TXT (SGH-t379), Galaxy Light (SGH-t399), Gravity 3(SGH-t479), Dart (SGH-t499), SGH-t528g, Gravity Smart (SGH-t589), Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-t599), Gravity Touch (SGH-t669), Exhibit II 4G (SGH-t679), Galaxy S Relay 4G (SGH-t699), Exhibit 4G (SGH-t759), Galaxy S Blaze 4G (SGH-t769), Sidekick 4G (SGH-t839), Behold II (SGH-t939), Vibrant (SGH-t959), Galaxy S 4G (SGH-t959V), Galaxy S II (SGH-t989), Haven (SCH-u320), Gusto (SCH-u360), Gusto 2 (SCH-u365), Gusto 3, Brightside (SCH-u380), Intensity II (SCH-u460), Intensity III (SCH-u485), Reality (SCH-u820), Zeal, Galaxy Mega 6.3 (GT-i9200)

  • Samsung : Galaxy Note 8.0", Galaxy Note Pro 12.2", Galaxy Tab S 8.4", Galaxy Tab S 10.5", Galaxy Tab 4 7.0", Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4" (SM-T320), Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1" (SM-T520), Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2"

  • Sanyo : Incognito, Innuendo, Katana Eclipse (SCP-6750), Katana LX (SCP-3800), Pro-200, Pro-700, S1, SCP-2700, SCP-3810, Taho, Vero, Zio

  • Sharp : FX

  • Sony : Xperia Ion, Xperia L, Xperia TL, Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia Tablet Z

  • Sony Ericsson : Vivaz, Xperia X10, Xperia PLAY (R800)

  • Sprint : Sprint Flash, Sprint Force, Sprint Vital

  • T-Mobile : Aspect, Concord, Concord II, Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 5, G2x, G2, myTouch by LG, myTouch (Huawei U8680), myTouch Q by LG, myTouch Q (Huawei U8730), myTouch 3G Slide, myTouch 4G, myTouch 4G Slide, Comet (Huawei U8150), Prism, Sparq

  • Verizon : Adamant, Salute

  • Virgin Mobile : Awe, Reef, Supreme, Venture

  • ZTE : C79, C88, Memo (A415), Agent (E520), Avid 4G, Chorus (D930), F350, F450, Grand S Pro, Merit, Score (X500), Score M (X500M), N800, N810, Fury (N850), Director (N850L), Render (N859), Warp (N860), Warp Sequent (N861), Anthem 4G (N910), N9100, Imperial (N9101), N9500, Warp 4G (N9510), Source (N9511), Warp Sync (N9515), Vital (N9810), Engage (V8000), R225, Z221, Z331, Z431, Altair (Z433), F555, Whirl (Z660G), Valet (Z665C), Concord II (Z730), Sonata 4G (Z740G), Midnight (Z768G), Grand X (Z777), Illustra (Z788G), Solar (Z795G), Majesty (Z796C), Mustang, Z990, Z992, Prelude (Z993), Overture (Z995)

Overall Rating for USB Adapter For micro-USB Devices
(based on 6 reviews)
USB Adapter For micro-USB Devices
5 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
Really neat.
July 6, 2014
Really neat product. Only complaint is shipping. Took over two weeks to get.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great for the price
May 8, 2014
I love this adapter for my portable phone charger
size, flexible

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it!
March 26, 2014
I love this adapter. It makes it fast and easy to download audiobooks or photos to my phone from the computer for work or road trips without a long cord dangling and getting in the way. Very happy with it.
No long cord to bother with. Small and easy to pack on trips.

Epping, NH
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

usb adapter for LG phone.
March 16, 2014
Works good for usb phone charger in truck.

Little Falls,Mn.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 5, 2013

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

USB Adapter
August 29, 2013
Works good and likle the short cord for auto Hopefully lasts longer than last one.
See Above
Nothing so far

Jacksonville Beach, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

USB Adapter For micro-USB Devices

By Donna Fantozzi from St. Louis, MO on July 4, 2013
Does this expand or is it coiled as it appears?
By Customer Service on July 4, 2013

It will not expand. It is coiled as it appears.

By camille reynolds from Pensacola texas on April 13, 2013
will it work with w409g
By Customer Service on May 5, 2013

Yes, it will work with Motorola W409g phone.

By chuck from pittsburgh on April 15, 2013
can it be used as a charger for droid razer
By Customer Service on May 5, 2013

No, it will not charge your phone.

By Bonnie from Edgewater,Md on March 8, 2013
Is this adapter compatable with the droid incredible 2?
By Customer Service on May 5, 2013

Yes, it will work with your phone.