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LG Banter (UX265)
LG AX140
LG AX145
LG AX155
LG AX245
LG  AX260 / UX260 / Scoop
LG AX275
LG AX300
LG AX310 / UX310 Helix
LG AX355
LG AX380, UX380, Wave
LG AX390
LG AX490
LG AX500, Swift
LG AX565 / UX565
LG AX585 Rhythm
LG AX830 / Glimmer
LG AX840, UX840, Tritan
LG AX4750, UX4750
LG AX8600
LG VX3100
LG VX3200
LG LX5450
LG LX5550

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