Boost Mobile Motorola i425 Chargers

Choose from our wide variety of high-performance travel chargers that are custom made to work with your Motorola i425 (Boost Mobile i425). Our wall chargers protect your handset and battery from any possible damage caused by overcharging or short circuit. Compact, lightweight and easy-to-store, they are your perfect traveling companions. With these reliable travel chargers, you can power up your Motorola cell phone quickly and safely wherever there is an AC power outlet, such as your home, your office or a hotel room. Browse through our vast inventory of Motorola i425 travel chargers and other accessories! You will definitely find some bargain deals that you really won’t want to miss!
Original Motorola Travel Charger SPN5202B
Original Motorola Travel Charger SPN5404A
Travel Charger For Motorola i290, Nextel i335, i425, i876
Retractable Travel Charger For Motorola i290, Nextel i335, i425, i876

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