Huawei Battery / Huawei Batteries

Need a new or replacement cell phone battery for your Huawei cell phone? You have come to the right place! is the best online store for cell phone accessories and we carry a huge battery collection for all popular Huawei models. They are cheap in price but high in quality. Compatible with all Huawei chargers, our batteries are equipped with integrated circuitry to ensure safe operation and long-lasting battery life. With an extra battery on hand, you can always talk, text and access other functions on your Huawei cell phone whenever you need to.
Lithium Battery For Huawei M228, Verge M570, M750, U7519, T-Mobile Tap
Lithium Battery For Huawei M735
Lithium Battery For Huawei Ascend M860, Impulse 4G / U8800
Lithium Battery For Huawei M835, T-Mobile Comet, Huawei U8150, U8120
Lithium Battery For Huawei Mercury M886, Activa 4G M920
Lithium Battery For Huawei Sonic / U8650
Lithium Battery For AT&T U2800A
Lithium Battery For AT&T U2800A (900mAh)

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