Audiovox / UTStarcom Car Charger

Car chargers are indispensable accessories for cell phones especially if you drive a lot. Having a vehicle charger available and ready to use when your phone needs it can be a lifesaver. At, you will find a broad range of high-performance chargers for you to power up your Audiovox / UTStarcom handsets on the road. With overcharge and short circuit protection, you donít have to worry about damaging your phone battery. Without compromising the quality, many of them are offered at bargain prices and you will definitely find the right one for your phone.
Car Charger For Verizon Blitz, Verizon Escapade, Pantech TXT8010
Car Charger For Cricket TXTM8
Car Charger For AT&T Quickfire, UTStarcom GTX75
Car Charger For Audiovox / UTStarcom CDM-105, CDM-180, CDM-7000, CDM-8945
Car Charger For UTStarcom CDM-8905
Car Charger For UTStarcom CDM-8630, CDM-8935, Verizon CDM8950, CDM8975
Casio G'zOne Type-S Car Chargers
Casio G'zOne Type-V Car Chargers
Audiovox 100, 13x, 8xxx, 11xx, 3600 Car Chargers
Car Charger For Audiovox 3300, 3500, 8000
Car Charger For Audiovox 4000, 4500, 9000
Car Charger For Audiovox SMT-5600
Audiovox XV6700 Car Chargers
Car Charger For Audiovox CDM 8300, 8600
Audiovox 8410, 8450, 8455, 8610, 8615 Car Chargers
Audiovox 8900, 8910, 8912, 8915, 8920, 8930, 8940 Car Chargers
Audiovox 9100, 9150, 9155, 9500 Car Chargers
Audiovox CDM 9900, 9950 Car Chargers
Car Charger For Audiovox 2500, 440, 470, 475, 480, 485
Car Charger For Audiovox 425, 430, 450, 460, 5xx, 7xx Series

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