Ericsson Antenna

Save your money by buying an antenna for your Ericsson cell phone at Compatible with a wide variety of Ericsson phone models, our external antennas with magnetic stands are efficient in improving your phone with sending and receiving signals, while our retractable antennas and flashing antennas are perfect as a replacement for the original antenna. Whether you are talking on phone at home, at office, in the car or other outdoor areas, you won’t be troubled by poor sound quality and static interference anymore. We offer these high-quality and reliable reception boosting accessories at extremely low prices. Pick one from our extensive selection, and never be caught in a situation where you can't hear or be heard again! Enjoy Shopping!
T18, T10, 788, LX588 Antenna
Ericsson T28, T29, T39d, R320
External Antenna With Magnetic Stand For Ericsson T60 Series
External Antenna With Magnetic Stand For Ericsson T68 Series

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