LG VX8300 Data Cable

Want to transfer data, music, pictures and other files between your LG VX8300 cell phone and your computer? All you need is one of our high-speed data cables. Compatible with various LG handset models, our USB data cables link up your phone and your PC, allowing you to back up all data easily and efficiently. They provide a rapid, safe and convenient solution to data connectivity and exchange. USB data kits for LG VX8300 are also offered at surprisingly low prices. Now you can manage and edit the files on your phone effortlessly. Stop by Cellphoneshop.net today and pick one up to save your money! Donít miss our great offers!
USB Data Cable For LG VX5200, VX5300, VX8100, VX8300
Data Suite For LG VX8300
DataPilot USB Kit  For LG / UTStarcom

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