LG Vu, CU915, CU920 Travel Chargers

Want to get an extra or replacement travel/AC charger for your LG Vu CU915 / Vu CU920 cell phone? Cellphoneshop.net is the perfect place for that! We offer different types of travel chargers, including regular ones and retractable ones, which provide safe and rapid recharging with overcharging and short circuit protection whether you are at home or in the office. Being lightweight and compact, they are also ideal for travelling use. To save money, get yourself an AC charger and also choose some other durable accessories to complement your phone here at Cellphoneshop.net. Without compromising the quality, our products are offered at bargain prices!
Travel Charger For LG Vu, CU915, CU920
Retractable Travel Charger For LG Vu, CU915, CU920
Original LG Travel Charger (STA-P52WR / P52WD / P52WS)

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