Casio Holsters

If you donít like the bulkiness of a leather case but want to carry your Casio cell phone close at hand, our holsters are your perfect solution. At, you will find a huge inventory of quality and low-priced holsters with belt clips that are built to fit different Casio handset models. Not only do they let you attach your phone to a belt or bag strap for quick access, they can also prevent you from misplacing the device. With a swivel belt clip, you can adjust the holster to different positions as you like. Find great deals here today and we assure you a fruitful and enjoyable shopping experience!
Holster For Verizon G'zOne Boulder, Casio C711
Holster For Casio GízOne Brigade (C741)
Holster For Casio G'zOne Ravine, Casio C751
Holster For Casio G'zOne Commando / C771
Holster For Casio GízOne Ravine 2 / C781

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