Car Kits

Get everything you need to complement your cell phone in your car from! We have a selection of high-performance car kits and accessories to make sure your phone is at its peak performance when you are behind the wheel. We carry Bluetooth speaker car kits, universal car kits, FM transmitters, car cigarette lighter adapters and more useful add-ons, which are suitable for Apple iPhone, HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry, LG, Motorola and other cell phone brands. They are indispensable for staying connected and keeping your handset powered up while you are driving. Spend some time to browse through our pages, and you will certainly find some useful add-ons for your phone. Enjoy shopping!
Dual Standby Steering Wheel Bluetooth Car Kit
Bluetooth Car Kit
Sun Visor Bluetooth Speakerphone Kit
Universal Car Kit
FM Transmitter
External Handset
AC Adapter For Car Charger

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