Jabra C500 Hands-Free Headset - 2.5mm Plug

Jabra C500 Hands-Free Headset - 2.5mm Plug
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  • Stylish and lightweight behind-the-ear design.
  • Contoured earpiece fits either ear comfortably and securely.
  • Built-in miniature boom microphone for optimal voice pick-up.
  • Answer / End button on the boom for convenient control.
  • Dedicated mute button.
  • Connects directly to the phone for handsfree operation.
  • Works with devices with a 2.5mm headset jack.
  • Compatible with the following cell phone models :

    • All Kyocera
    • All LG ( except AX8600, CE110, Chocolate VX8500, Chocolate VX8550, CP150, CU515, Invision CB630, Neon, Prada KE850, Shine CU720, Shine KE970, Trax CU575, Vu CU915, CU920, VX8600, VX8700, VX9400 )
    • All Motorola ( except Clutch i465, Evoke QA4, KRZR K1, K1m, L2, L6, PEBL U6, Q9h, RAZR V3, V3a, V3c, V3i, V3m, V3r, V3t, V3xx, maxx Ve, RAZR VE20, RAZR2 V8, V9, V9m, V9x, RIZR Z3, ROKR E8, SLVR L7, L7c, Stature i9, Tundra VA76r, W385, W490, Z6c, Z9 )
    • All Nextel
    • Pantech Jest
    • Sharp TM-150
    • Samsung : A310, A420, A530, A560, A570, A580, A600, A610, A620, A630, A640, A645, A650, A660, A670, A680, A690, A700, A740, A760, A790, A820, A840, A850, A870, A900
    • All Sanyo
    • Hiptop Danger : Sidekick, Sidekick II, Sidekick 3, Sidekick ID
    • UTStarcom Audiovox
    • ZTE : Essenze (C70), C78

Overall Rating for Jabra C500 Hands-Free Headset - 2.5mm Plug
(based on 2 reviews)
Jabra C500 Hands-Free Headset - 2.5mm Plug
3.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
March 9, 2012
I used the earpiece everyday in my car and throughout the day. It fit nicely in my ear and was comfortable but sometimes i had trouble hearing people who i spoke with. Then within 3 weeks it stopped working :(
Connects Easily, Fits well in ear, Lightweight
Low Volume

3.5 Stars

Great headset
January 24, 2012
I use this headset daily while on the exercise bike. I never have trouble hearing, and I have asked everyone on the other end, and they say the sound quality is great. I cannot say this about other headsets I have owned. Excellent product.
Good Sound, Clear Signal, Lightweight, Fits well in ear, Connects Easily

Pasadena, ca
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Jabra C500 Hands-Free Headset - 2.5mm Plug