Backup Battery Cases

Safeguard your phone from the bumps and bruises of daily life while powering it up for extended talk and standby time with one of our backup battery cases. Here at, you can find a complete range of power bank cases that satisfy your needs for protection and power. Now not only can you give your handset well-rounded protection from top to bottom, you can double the time you have to rock, talk, surf, and more as well. With a slim and lightweight design, our battery packs strike a perfect balance between portability and functionality. We offer them at attractive discounts! Order from our online store today to get huge savings!
Backup Battery With Kickstand For HTC One (3000mAh)
Backup Battery Case For LG G2 (AT&T / T-Mobile / Sprint) - 3200mAh
Power Bank With Cover For Samsung Galaxy S4 (S IV) (3500mAh)
Backup Battery Case For Samsung Galaxy S5 (3200mAh)
Backup Battery Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (4200mAh) - Black
Backup Battery Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (4200mAh) - White
Backup Battery With Flip Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Note II) (4000mAh)
Backup Battery For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (3800mAh)
Backup Battery With Kickstand For Sony Xperia Z (2800mAh)

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