Apple iPhone 4 Assembly Parts (AT&T / GSM)

Looking for assembly parts and tools to fix your broken Apple iPhone 4 (AT&T / GSM)? is the ideal place to buy assorted repair components and equipment at bargain prices. Here you will find parts such as LCD displays, power and sensor cables, speakers, microphones, charging ports, home buttons, cameras and screws to replace the old ones in your phone. They work perfectly with your iPhone 4 just like the original parts. We also carry useful tools including screwdriver sets, cleaning cloths, anti-static gloves and so on. Come and check out our huge inventory of iPhone 4 assembly parts and tools! Feel free to contact us if you canít find anything you are looking for!
Replacement Touchscreen with LCD Screen Display For Apple iPhone 4 (AT&T / GSM) - White
Back Cover With Frame Bezel For iPhone 4 (AT&T / GSM) - Black
Back Cover With Frame Bezel For iPhone 4 (AT&T / GSM) - White
Replacement Front LCD Screen Glass For iPhone 4, 4S - Black
Back Camera Assembly Part For Apple iPhone 4  (AT&T / GSM)
Headphone Jack and Volume Control Cable Assembly Part For Apple iPhone 4 (AT&T / GSM)
One Set Screw For iPhone 4
Cellular Antenna Assembly Part For iPhone 4 (AT&T / GSM)
Straight Tweezers For iPhone, Cell Phone
Tools Set For iPhone, Smartphone Repairs
30 Bits Screwdriver Set
Cleaning Cloth
Anti-Static Gloves

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